If a remote professional isn’t working out, how does Allshore handle replacing them?

We have a process in place to make a change when it is necessary and to make it as seamless as possible with very little disruption to your work. Sometimes things don’t work out with a particular remote professional; there is more to a successful working relationship than skill alone and it is hard to judge from an interview if someone will be a good fit for the team. We want to find the perfect team member for you, so don’t hesitate to tell us if your current remote professional doesn’t meet that criteria.

You are welcome to be involved in the recruitment process; you can review resumes or interview potential replacements that have been pre-screened by our team. Once you’ve hired a replacement, we will remain highly involved in the relationship to ensure the replacement is a good fit and that knowledge transfer occurs quickly and seamlessly. We will compensate the time your new team member takes to train and get up to speed on the project.

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