Allshore will collaboratively establish a virtual working environment with your company, including the means to directly communicate with your team on a daily basis. Communication is key when working with a virtual team, and we will happily provide suggestions and best practices on how to make our partnership successful from day one.

We provide a complimentary Basecamp account as an organizational and file management tool, but you’re welcome to use another project management system of your preference. This allows you to give your team access and instruct them on how you want them to use it. We’re familiar with multiple platforms and would be happy to advise on tools or set-up of a project management system based on our experience with successful clients.

Our staff works American business hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4 PM CDT. Each remote professional may take up to a 30-minute dinner break, and may occasionally take other necessary rest breaks throughout the day.

Pakistan does not observe Daylight Saving Time, so from November to March, when we move our clocks ahead an hour, our shift time changes to 6:30 AM – 3 PM CST.

A dedicated remote professional will only work on your projects and will be readily available to you during U.S. business hours, just like an in-house employee.

The primary purpose of your Allshore support management team is to keep your team accountable, ensure they’re being communicative, and to verify the hours they log are accurate.

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) monitors your team’s working time and communication daily, while your Technical Success Manager (TSM) is aware of your team members’ productivity and what they’re doing each day in the office.

Absolutely, we believe direct and open communication is key to successful outsourcing. You will be able to speak to your remote team via Skype or any other platform or project management system of your choosing. We simply ask that your Client Success Manager and Technical Success Manager are included on all correspondence with your team to ensure proactive support.

Allshore provides a unique experience by supplying a Client Success Manager and Technical Success Manager, at no additional cost, to help you manager your team members’ day-to-day activities.

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) is there to help make sure your team members are following all our HR policies and good business practices. Our goal is to take the responsibility of HR away from you and allow you to focus on project management.

Your Technical Success Manager (TSM) is there to help monitor your team’s progress, technical performance, and maintain high quality work.

Both managers are heavily involved and invested in Allshore’s partnership with you in order to ensure you are fully satisfied and your company’s standards, goals, and needs are met.

Unfortunately, neither manager can appropriately manage your project. While both managers are instrumental in establishing a team relationship and ensuring work is completed according to your standards, they don’t directly handle task delegation or oversight on the project scope.

Allshore doesn’t provide a project manager as a default. However, we do offer project managers at an hourly rate, which would count as a dedicated remote professional for hire.

Yes, project management is crucial to the success of any project and we ask that a representative from your company fulfill this role. We recommend appointing someone who has strong communication skills and some technical knowledge. They must have full understanding of the project scope and end result requirements, as well as the ability to communicate directly both with our staff and your clients (if relevant).

Your remote professional will update regularly within Skype (or your preferred platform) on their progress and assigned task status.

Your in-house project manager should be in communication with your Allshore team regularly and have a constant knowledge of the status of your project. We encourage routine meetings to ensure things are progressing efficiently so that adjustments can be made if necessary.

Contact your Client Success Manager with any issues or concerns regarding your remote professional’s work or performance. Both your Client Success Manager and Technical Success Manager are trained and prepared to assist, train, and coach your team members to solve any issues promptly. We will remain in close communication with you while we rectify the situation. If a team member continues to not meet your expectations, we may recommend you replace them, and would begin looking for the perfect replacement.

We understand that sometimes things don’t work out as expected, so don’t hesitate to tell us if a current team member doesn’t meet your needs. We will immediately look for a replacement to begin working with you as soon as possible and will be highly involved to ensure a smooth transition.

Yes, Allshore offers month-to-month contracts that only require 30-days’ notice to end. If you anticipate that you will soon run out of work for a team member or your project is ending, simply inform your Client Success Manager and we will help manage the transition.

We only require 32 working hours per week for each dedicated remote professional. With this minimum policy, when work is slow or you are unavailable, you only need to reach 32 hours of billable time per week; your staff will remain available for the entire week if needed.

Don’t panic, we’re on stand-by to help in any way we can. In the event you encounter an issue outside of our business hours of Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4 PM CDT, or 6:30 AM – 3 PM CST, contact our support team in one of the following ways:

We currently have three operational offices in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, Pakistan, equipped with up to date hardware and software. Take a virtual tour of our offices through videos on our About Allshore page.

Through years of experience, research, and attempts to establish offices in other countries, Pakistan has proven to be a continual source of highly skilled senior-level professionals with the work ethic, technical skills, and communication ability to meet our standards. For more information on how Allshore got it’s start in Pakistan check out our About Allshore page.

Allshore takes great care to determine whether or not someone is fit to work with our company and clients. All candidates who apply to work with us must complete a minimum series of technical evaluations specific to their field, an HR interview, and an English communication interview. Our standards are high and uncompromising, and as a result we only hire approximately 7 percent of the candidates who apply.

Certainly, we recommend interviews prior to hiring a new team member. We will share resumes for all possible candidates so you can review their experience and skill-level. If you are interested in interviewing a remote professional, your Allshore sales contact or Client Success Manager can set up an interview at your convenience.

Allshore offers infinite capacity to meet your changing needs. If you would like to add another professional to your team, reach out to your Client Success Manager and describe what you’re looking for. We’ll look for the best fit and follow up with options for hire at your convenience.

This depends on a few variables – particularly whether we have someone immediately available or need to recruit someone to fulfill your required skillset. If we need to recruit someone to fulfill the skillset you need, the process may take longer. When hiring a custom candidate, we respect that they may need to fulfill a notice period with their prior employer before joining us and getting started.

We are interested in finding the right fit for each client and will not recommend a team member unless they are the best option for you. A quick match for the wrong reasons is not conducive to long-term success in our partnership.

Our initial goal is to present a remote professional who can work with you long-term. Candidates we recommend for hire will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities you require, to ensure they’re a good fit for you and your team.

If we don’t have the right person immediately available, our recruiting team will begin sourcing to find your perfect fit. While this process is less immediate than pairing you with who we have available, taking the time to find the right fit pays off in the long run for everyone.

No, Allshore doesn’t bid on projects or offer a fixed rate. Since we’re a staffing firm providing supplemental resources, your team members’ work is charged to you by the hour on an hourly rate, and we bill only for the productive hours your remote team members have worked. Your team can collaborate to create an estimate for a project, but remember this is simply an estimate of time and is likely to change.

We use Freshbooks, an online-based invoicing system, to manage billing and send invoices, which are delivered digitally via email to your accounts manager.

Billing cycles include the 1st through 15th of each month, and the 16th through the last date of each month. You can expect to receive invoices on the following business date after the end of that associated period.

Payment is required within ten (10) days following the date the invoice has been sent. If payment is not received within this time frame without notice, Allshore reserves the right to follow up directly on billing, and may suspend work in cases of unreasonably overdue invoices.

Yes. Your team members’ hourly rates are reviewed yearly upon reaching their first working anniversary with your company. Annual rate increases are necessary to retain team members who have accumulated company knowledge and to cover annual salary increases.

Your Freshbooks digital invoice will include an itemized breakdown of dates worked, hours worked per date, and description of completed work for each team member.

Your Client Success Manager is able to create a report of time worked within a designated period at your convenience. Additionally, we encourage our clients to maintain a project management system that enables their Allshore team the ability to document their task time.

As Allshore bills by the hour, any additional time worked after-hours, or outside of our business hours, will be billed at your normal hourly rate. Your hourly rate will remain the same for any overtime, weekend, or holiday work, unless otherwise approved.

Allshore internally manages incentives to employees who work overtime and on holidays or weekends. You won’t be held responsible to offer such incentives or overtime pay for your team, unless you are personally interested in doing so.

All services are charged at an hourly rate and invoiced semi-monthly and you are only billed for the productive hours your team works. As we don’t bid on projects preemptively, we don’t typically offer project-based plans.

To keep the billing process as simple as possible, we retain a credit card on file and are able to run payments on our end with your consent. Additionally, you are able to make your own payments in Freshbooks with a credit card or PayPal. If you wish to pay by check, you can mail us a check with the specific invoice number you wish to pay; we do also ask that you update your Client Success Manager so we can be on the lookout for your incoming payment. Checks can be mailed to our physical address:

Allshore Virtual Staffing
1818 W. Lindsey St, Suite C-100
Norman, OK 73069

Definitely. Our guarantee is to “never pay for unproductive work,” and we will gladly compensate any time deemed unproductive for all open invoices. In the event you feel unjustly charged, please contact your Client Success Manager immediately. An investigation will be performed, and we will involve you in each step leading up to resolution of these issues.

If you do have an issue with an invoice, we ask that you or your accounts manager refrain from paying this invoice until the issue has been discussed with and handled by our support team; the invoice will be updated to reflect any compensations made.

No. Our guarantee is to “never pay for unproductive work,” which includes all working time. You are welcome to dispute unproductive time prior to the invoice being sent by discussing any issues with your Client Success Manager. We will perform an investigation with your team to solve any issues prior to the invoice being sent out, keeping you involved in the entire process. Any compensation granted will be reflected in the relevant invoice.

Your Client Success Manager is available to answer questions or resolve any issues you may have with your invoices or our billing procedures.

Absolutely! Our clients are welcome to provide incentives such as team dinners, celebratory team parties, or cash bonuses. We highly believe in the importance of extending your own company culture to your team. If this includes awarding optimal performance and behavior, we are happy to facilitate. Your Client Success Manager will be able to discuss options and suggested amounts with you and will coordinate any bonuses or awards you wish to gift to your team. Any bonuses you agree to award your remote professionals, including cash bonuses or the equivalent cost for any incentive provided to your team, will be included on your upcoming invoice, unless otherwise specified by you.