Hifz R.
Hifz R.
Availability: Immediately | Years Experience: 3 | Hourly Rate: $25.00

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Top Skills

  • ReactJS: 3 years
  • JavaScript: 3 years
  • Tailwind CSS Framework: 3 years
  • Node.js: 2 years
  • HTML: 3 years


February 2023 -Present
Allshore Virtual Staffing
MERN Stack Developer
  • Designing and implementing user interfaces using React for web applications, ensuring responsive and visually appealing designs.
  • Developing server-side logic using Node.JS and Express, maintaining APIs for seamless communication between front and back-end.
  • Managing both SQL and NoSQL databases, including data modeling, optimization, and ensuring data consistency. 
  • Integrating real-time features into applications using technologies like Pusher and WebSocket, enabling instant updates and notifications.
  • Implementing secure user authentication and authorization mechanisms, often using Firebase authentication services.
  • Deploying applications on cloud platforms like Netlify, Heroku, and Google Cloud, ensuring scalability and reliability. 
  • Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in applications, optimizing code and database queries.
  • Maintaining detailed documentation of code, APIs, and system architecture to facilitate knowledge sharing and future maintenance. 
  • Ensuring the security of applications by implementing best practices, such as input validation, encryption, and security patches.

Technologies: ReactJS, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS Framework, Express.js, MongoDB, Next.js

March 2022 - January 2023
Senior Software Engineer
  • Implemented scalable, performant, and user experience-focused features using the latest React best practices.
  • Implemented SSO Auth between multiple MasteryPrep products.
  • Rewrote the entire legacy PDF and CSV report export section to utilize the latest technologies.
  • Integrated doc raptor PDF Engine to boost the performance.
  • Involved with support and content teams in resolving their bug reports, feature requests, and iterating over current solutions for more improvements.
  • Created custom CSV and PDF progress report Scripts in JavaScript for clients including Schools and Districts on demand.
  • Implemented and maintained many products in MasteryPrep.

Technologies: ReactJS, Google Cloud, Docker, Firebase

April 2021 - March 2022
Software Engineer
  • Worked on the technical stack of React and Node to build full-stack modern web apps in TypeScript.
  • Completed numerous small and large projects.
  • Implemented complex designs on desktop and mobile views using CSS3, Material-UI, and Tailwind.
  • Designed Rest APIs in ExpressJS and NestJS for modern backend frameworks.
  • Worked with SQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Postgres.
  • Worked on React library and related frameworks such as NextJS and RedwoodJS.
  • Worked with websockets for real-time chat systems and application updates.

Technologies: ReactJS, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redux, Tailwind CSS Framework, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript

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An online education platform which enables students to prepare for different kinds of tests such as TSAT, SAT, etc. Worked on developing the bottom notification system, routing of the app, product and program selection, PDF generation, and numerous regression and support bugs. Used React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Firestore, and Material UI.

URL: http://masteryprep.com

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Electrical Engineering
Air University Islamabad
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