Allshore / DatumSquare Vision Statement Explained

At Allshore / DatumSquare our vision statement is simple but powerful. Our vision statement is as follows: To promote cultural understanding and build international relationships through a trusted, compassionate and profitable IT staffing experience. In a world of distrust for one another and governments increasingly at odds, it’s important for real people of two societies to connect and share experiences. Having Pakistani people working with American people to gain knowledge and tolerance of one another, is our primary mission at Allshore / DatumSquare. At our company, you will be paired with a US based client and you will work with that client on a daily basis. During this process you will become familiar with how that company operates, the people associated with that company, and they will become familiar with you and your personality. Through working together hand in hand, we can break down stereotypes, we can answer unknown questions about each other and we can build a strong long lasting relationship between you and your clients. If you follow our blog, we show you real life examples of how Allshore / DatumSquare is promoting Pakistani culture throughout the United States and how we are promoting US culture throughout Pakistan. We feel that Pakistani people are some of the hardest working, most talented, loyal people on the planet and we take great pride in showcasing these qualities to US based companies. When you join DatumSquare you instantly become an ambassador of Pakistan to the world. You help us back up our claims, by providing your expertise and amazing personality to our clients on a daily basis.   Back to Developer Information Portal