Allshore / DatumSquare Culture Statement

The follow statements explain all the behavioral rules to live by while working in this company. Forgetting them or ignoring them will put you outside of the boundaries of our behavioral policies. Make sure to always live by these rules, not only while you are inside our company, but live by them throughout your professional careers.


  • We are committed to our Vision, Mission, and Culture statements. We are dedicated to our success, our current and future team, and our clients at all times.
  • We do not presume anything about prospects, customers or co-workers. We will treat everyone with the utmost respect regardless of status or familiarity.
  • We keep the the big picture in mind as we create, develop, and make recommendations to our team and to our customers.
  • We are committed to understanding different cultures and societies and are tolerant of different customs, thoughts, and beliefs.
  • We are committed to becoming a part of our client’s team and helping our clients make the right decisions at all times in order to meet their needs or programming requirements.


  • We accept that we are responsible for our own actions and the consequences therein.
  • We keep an eye out for detail to assure that nothing is overlooked.
  • We realize that employees make up a company, and we take ownership of what happens to our company, good or bad, and hold others accountable for the same.


  • We view life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated.
  • We help create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so that everyone around us will find enjoyment as well.
  • Fun is created by the fruits of hard work and accomplishment; fun is doing a job well, and making our clients value our services.


  • We always speak the truth and deliver what we promise.
  • We only make agreements we are willing to keep.
  • We communicate any potential broken agreements at the first opportunity and clear them up immediately.


  • We have a balanced approach to life, remembering that our physical, social, spiritual, and family aspects are just as important as our financial and intellectual ones.
  • We have a positive attitude, both personally and professionally, while working with our team, and our potential, new, and existing customers.
  • We view our entire organization as a family that shows compassion towards each other and cares about the thoughts, feelings, and needs of everyone involved.


  • We assure that we are constantly educating ourselves on the latest in technology, technological enhancements and efficient methods of implementation.
  • We commit to constantly educating our customers on our technology & techniques for generating results.
  • We communicate our findings with our team at every possible opportunity.


  • We are consistent in communication with our team and our clients.
  • If we are in doubt regarding the status of a project, customer, a team member, or customer feelings, we will communicate it effectively.
  • If we’ve discovered a new and more efficient approach to a business process or policy, we inform a direct supervisor at the earliest possible opportunity.
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