Ahmed Z.
Ahmed Z.
Availability: Pending Hired | Years Experience: 10 | Hourly Rate: $30.00

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Top Skills

  • Linux: 10+ years
  • Apache: 10+ years
  • MySQL: 10+ years
  • DNS Servers: 10+ years
  • Docker: 5 years


May 2022 - Present
Allshore Virtual Staffing
Linux System Administrator
  • Provision, configuration, and management of cloud and on premises infrastructure.
  • Connecting different network environments for seamless collaboration.
  • Determining options for the infrastructure of IT setup, management, and improvement.
  • Assessing operational feasibility, problem definition, proposing solutions of implementing IT projects.
  • Preparing and maintaining servers for software applications, databases, emails, security, and monitoring.
  • Presenting ideas for improvement of current IT infrastructure.
  • Collaborating closely with stakeholders and end-users to understand their IT needs and provide high quality services.
  • Improving operations by conducting systems analysis, recommending changes, and suggesting possible solutions.
  • Helping in data migration of all types.
  • Learning about state-of-the-art tools and computing equipment.
  • Continuing to participate in educational opportunities.

Technologies: Linux, Apache, MySQL, DNS Servers, Docker, Kubernetes, Bash Scripting, AWS Cloud9, Ubuntu Linux, Python, Ruby on Rails, Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

March 2021 - Present
Quantums Platform
Site Reliability Engineer
  • Created and maintained fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using GitLab Deploy and Docker.
  • Actively managed, improved, and monitor cloud infrastructure on AWS, EC2, S3, and RDS, including backups, patches, and scaling.
  • Reduced costs by ~$5k monthly by eliminating unnecessary servers and consolidating databases.
  • Built and deployed Docker containers to break up monolithic apps into microservices.
  • Improved developer workflows, increased scalability, and optimized speed.
  • Built and deployed Kubernetes Cluster by Terraform running RKE for SAAS apps.

Technologies: Docker, Amazon Web Services, EC2, S3 Storage, RDS, Kubernetes

March 2018 - March 2021
DevOps Engineer
  • Managed a network of 50k+ servers.
  • Worked on Python Ansible for automating deployments.
  • Implemented and maintained scalable monitoring and alerting systems.
  • Network performance monitoring and troubleshooting the issues related to networks.
  • Designed and created service infrastructure using several AWS services (EC2, S3, IAM, SNS, Lambda, Cloudwatch, RDS), Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Worked with technical teams to define repository management strategies across the product.
  • Observed and implemented Application Heartbeat system to ensure all outages were mitigated.
  • Executed various DevOps tasks including but not limited to provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, configuration management, CI/CD.
  • Helped with R&D of new features and solutions.

Technologies: Ansible, Network Troubleshooting, Amazon Web Services, EC2, S3 Storage, Lambda, RDS, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps Engineering

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Bachelors in Information Technology
University of Sindh Jamshoro
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