The Definitive Checklist for Your Startup Beta Launch

Validating your startup concept with your intended audience can be the most difficult phase of launching a new business venture. As you prepare for your beta launch, there are quite a few things you need to handle to ensure all of your bases are covered.

Every startup product launch is different, since startups operate in a very vast range of industries. But in most cases, the following checklist will be applicable to your startup’s successful beta launch:

  1. Create a Landing Page: Build a landing page that allows you to showcase your startup product in front of your audience, especially early adopters in your niche. LaunchRock is a great tool to build an attractive launch page.
  2. Build Your Mailing List: Compile a mailing list by connecting services like MailChimp to your launch page, so that you can easily get interested visitors to sign up and be notified once you go from closed beta to open beta launch.
  3. Enable Social Connectivity: Compel your visitors to promote your landing page by adding social sharing options like ShareThis.
  4. Perform Beta Testing: Actively seek out beta testers to weed out any lurking issues in your app by utilizing beta testing tools like ProductHunt.
  5. Host Contests: If you are offering a premium service, run a contest to give your audience a chance to win free access. Woshpond’s Promotions App is a great tool to run a range of social media sweepstakes and photo contests.
  6. Engage Influencers for Press Coverage: Add your startup to forums like Y Combinator’s HackerNews and get influencers talking; this is the easiest way to get noticed by top press outlets.
  7. Prepare a Press Kit: Make sure that you have a press kit ready when the coverage comes knocking. Use dopresskit to build an optimized and efficient press page for distributing to journalists.
  8. Confirm Site Security: One major way to ensure your service remains secure is by installing a proper SSL certificate. Not only has SSL been identified as a ranking factor by Google, it’s quite inexpensive with services like NameCheap.
  9. Add Analytics: Setup custom social tracking to monitor your landing page visitors and how they interact with your launch page. Kissmetrics has some great features for tracking engagement and conversions for your startup launch page.

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