July 25, 2012

Cloud Buzzing

Lately, there has been increasingly more buzz about migrating data to cloud servers in order to cut down IT costs, but a technology like cloud computing can also offer many other benefits.  Many think that the cloud was invented to cut down on the ever-rising costs of hardware, when actually it was formed by information technology specialists to control costs.  Migrating into the cloud can help you control cost, reduce IT hurdles, and tidy up your work operations.

The Cloud has many favorable things to offer to the end user.  Cloud computing gives businesses the choice of expanding their IT infrastructures while controlling issues like raising up-time levels instantly, improving scalability, keeping track of load balance of the cloud server, and promoting agile functions.

The use of managed cloud services is spreading quickly through the IT industry, growing with the increasing demand for it amongst business entities. It has, therefore, become vital for companies to quickly understand their business motives so as to create a burden-free work environment for their employees.

As Allshore’s client base grew, so did our demand for secure and redundant hosting. Initially, we considered building our own data center, but that option came bundled with very real and expensive difficulties including connectivity issues, repairing and maintaining hardware, and time-to-build.  It was a huge capital investment that would cost Allshore not only significant overhead, but also time and energy away from our company’s core competency and business development efforts. We needed a faster, more reliable option; the cloud was that option.

We realized that moving our virtualized data center into the cloud would allow for nearly limitless growth and scalability.  Not only would it alleviate our worry about hardware, failures, and prevent us from burning irreplaceable money on building a physical center, but we could also rest assured that adding storage, servers and capacity would only require five-minutes of downtime, as opposed to five days.

As Allshore grows, so will its data capacity and this ability to expand with ease is a key advantage, one that our company can pass along to clients when projects require resources to be increased on the fly.

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