Friday the 13th – Superstitions in Pakistan

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Friday the 13th – Superstitions in Pakistan

As Friday the 13th approaches, most Americans are avoiding black cats, mirrors, walking under ladders, opening umbrellas inside, stepping on cracks, and other superstitious events. While making our own preparations, our Norman office was curious about superstitions in Pakistan and set out on a spooky quest for answers. We found that while some of them […]


Pakistan Four Documentary

  The documentary Pakistan Four by Shehzad Hameed, a broadcast journalist and documentary filmmaker, tells the story of four Pakistani women living in the United States. Besides working in predominantly male professions, stories about a chef, a weight lifter, a standup comedian, and a fencer may not seem connected. However, after viewing the documentary, I […]


Getting to Know Pakistan

Recently, I received a Facebook message from a former Allshore employee who I had managed until he moved to Italy last summer. I was touched that he remembered me. He told me about his time in Italy, how he was adjusting, and that he missed his home in Pakistan and everyone at Allshore. I was […]


Fawzia Koofi, The Favored Daughter

The Favored Daughter A Book Review by Andrea Gudbergsson Fawzia Koofi has led an exceptional life marred with more hardship and tragedy than it seems any one person could possibly endure. This remarkable woman, born the unwanted 19th daughter of an MP in Afghanistan, not only endured however, she has soared, becoming a prominent politician, […]