DevCon 2016

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DevCon 2016

On March 19th, Allshore Virtual Staffing’s Islamabad office, in collaboration with Code Movement, organized DevCon 2016. Code Movement was founded in 2013 by members of Allshore Virtual Staffing with the goal of nurturing the vast potential among young developers in Pakistan. We felt the need to help propagate the talent of our university students and […]


Annual Company Retreat: Islamabad Office

At Allshore, we like to take some time off each year to explore the beautiful places in the country of Pakistan. This year we decided to explore Azad Jammu & Kashmir. We had Kashmir valley on our minds and boy it was a great decision. Kashmir valley really is heaven on earth. The mountains, the […]


Allshore Team Begins New Training Initiative

On Thursday, April 17, 2014, an Allshore team comprised of Nabeel I., Faisal N., Asad K., Fazl K. and Alex Wright visited FUUAST (Federal Urdu University of Science, Arts and Technology) for a training workshop on “WordPress” and “CSS.” Allshore is known for hiring experienced technical resources (.NET, PHP, network and mobile application) since its […]


Happy New Year from Pakistan

Pakistan with all its ups and downs is a nation that loves to celebrate occasions. That is probably because of the rich culture we possess and the never say die attitude our nation has. Over the years we have been through a lot of incidents, and, good or bad, they have made us stronger. Pakistanis […]



The 10th of Muharram—the first month of the Islamic calendar—is marked as an Islamic holy day. It is a day that is recognized by Muslims all over the world, but the day means different things for different people and is honored in many different ways. Ashura is most significant for Shia Muslims who hold it […]


Eid ul-Adha

Eid ul-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) is an important Islamic festival that is observed by Muslims worldwide. This is one of two Eid festivals celebrated by Muslims – the other being Eid ul-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan.Eid ul-Adha is a commemoration of the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son Ismail for Allah. […]