Allshore Virtual Staffing Is Expanding!

We are strongly considering all development center partnerships in the following locations.

  • Eastern Europe
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Central America
  • South America

Allshore’s Requirements

Our clients are based in the United States and therefore we require that our developers also work U.S. business hours. If you cannot provide high quality developers during U.S. business hours, then please do not apply.
We put our developers right in front of the client. Our developers interact in real time with our clients on Skype, so they must be able to type and speak clear English.
Allshore will require 100% transparency and control when working with our developers. We will manage them day to day, we will watch their progress. You must be agreeable to these terms.
We only want the best developers you can supply us with. We will interview them before we hire them and we will be liable to find them work. Our partner’s obligation is to ensure they have a safe, reliable and comfortable working environment to help us retain our top talent.

Benefits to being an Allshore Partner Service Center

  • Allshore handles all U.S. sales and customer support.
  • Allshore manages your developers daily and ensures we are meeting client expectations.
  • Allshore pays on time, every time.
  • You provide top talent in your country that is willing to work U.S. business hours and we will do the rest!

Can you be an Allshore Partner?

Fill out the following questionnaire if you would like to be considered in our search for new partner development centers.

Please fill out the questionnaire fully, and allow yourself enough time to complete the entire questionnaire as you cannot go back and finish it at a later time.

Start the questionnaire HERE!