December 21, 2017

3 Things Your Team Needs From You To Stay On Time And On Budget

As a project manager, your responsibility is making sure your team has everything they need to succeed. Keep everyone on time and on budget with these three must-haves for team management:

  1. Productive meetings: 
    Meetings are universally hated for being boring time wasters, but they are essential to a healthy, productive, and timely team. When having meetings, always be sure there is a specific goal to accomplish. Whether it is to have everyone explain their tasks for that week, talk about recent issues, or have a brainstorming session, keep talk in line with the goal and stay on track. Additionally, have everyone fully participate. The best way to make sure that someone is going to listen is to make them talk – get people’s perspectives and, if someone hasn’t spoken recently, directly ask them for their ideas. This will keep everyone engaged, and ensure that you get the widest variety of feedback possible. Sometimes, the quietest people in meetings have the best ideas, but aren’t sure how to express them.
  2. Time and task management:
    Management systems are an absolute must, no matter what type of project you are working on. Without tracking the amount of time spent on a task, you cannot tell if your project remains on budget, not to mention keeping track of your deadlines. Logging tasks individually in a project management system means that nothing gets lost or forgotten in the shuffle. You can immediately follow up with team members about open tasks, or get clarification on completed ones. Again, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, organization is key in project management. Additionally, systems like these are huge stress relievers. With proper documentation, you can rely on the system to remind you about tasks and deadlines, instead of trying to keep everything in your head where it will inevitably end up pushed aside by another, more urgent, task.
  3. An environment that encourages questions and collaboration:
    When your team members are comfortable seeking help, problem-solving and training become infinitely easier. Not asking questions for clarification or when there’s confusion is an extreme time waster. Would you rather take five minutes to explain something, or have a team member try to figure it out alone for thirty? Encourage your team to have open and free communication, specifically when they are confused or unsure about something. Development teams often benefit from a 30-minute rule where if the developer cannot solve a coding issue within that time, they ask for help from the project manager or a team member. Don’t let your team be afraid to speak up – asking questions means they are learning!

Support your team by giving them the tools they need in the workplace. Everyone will appreciate the changes, even you! Need more help managing your team? Learn how to use motivation techniques to achieve goals more quickly!


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